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“Care of People”: the stories behind SCM Frigo

What makes a company more than just a place to work? Its relationships. We understand that every business is ultimately about people – from leaders and colleagues to clients and partners – and that’s why we prioritize the care of people above everything else.

We have always emphasized listening to and learning from our employees. The ones who bring their creativity, knowledge, and dedication to the office, fabric, and warehouse every day. Likewise, we understand that they make us who we are, and that’s why their well-being is our top priority.

To give you a glimpse of the life of our team members, we have created a new section called “Care of People”. We’ll share stories of our employees – the paths they have taken, the challenges they have faced, and the successes they have celebrated.

We want it to be an honest look at what it truly means to be a part of SCM Frigo.


Meet Catalina and Federica

Catalina Spasenie and Federica Rossetti are two women employees with stories that show resilience, willingness, and progress.

Catalina and Federica joined us in 2020. Federica started in our Sales department after having completed her master’s degree in energy engineering. Since September 2023, she’s been an active member of the R&D department. Catalina started and continues in our Purchase department.

They make us who we are. We want you to know them, one story at a time.

Core Values: Integrity, Communication, and Global Impact

For Catalina, these are the core values that mark the daily life of SCM Frigo: integrity, communication, transparency, and impact on the world. “Integrity because the mindset of the whole company is about taking the initiative; is about also closing any gaps between intentions and actions.”, explains.

Integrity isn’t about the superficial “doing the right thing because it makes you look good or because someone is judging your job”. Having integrity is contingent upon doing the right thing even when nobody is watching, behaving honestly, and consistently adhering to high ethical standards because it’s the right thing to do, not for any perceived benefit you will achieve. I perceived this value since the very first day in SCM Frigo and that’s why it is the first value that I mention.

About communication and transparency, Catalina shared that they are part of “everyday work, and it is closely linked to teamwork. Communication always plays an important role, but even more so in my department because almost everything revolves around it. I think that in SCM Frigo you get the best of the teamwork: apart from all the team-building activities, which are useful, I think the real meaning of building a team is to deal with everyday issues and see how you face those issues.”

Catalina goes further and tells us about the routines between her team: “before a production meeting, our manager arranges a preliminary briefing to inform us about the subject of the meeting. Everyone is involved and asked to speak up. Collaboration is promoted also because if a problem occurs, then we schedule a meeting to get knowledge of the problem and then come up with shared solutions”.

And what about the impact on the world? Catalina highlights that this value is “fundamental to SCM Frigo. It’s not only about me, but everybody is also committed to maintaining and promoting our green philosophy, and the company can truly rely on us concerning this value”.

A Culture of Kindness and Empathy

Kindness is always and also a strong word within SCM Frigo.

One of the most important aspects is that SCM Frigo cultivates empathy and continuously builds trust. Before starting to work in this company, I thought that working in a big company meant necessarily being a number, but I had to change my mind because it is evident that who you are matters a lot. On Monday mornings or even during meetings, the first questions I hear are about each other’s families and each other’s weekends. It is not only your job title, or your presence in that context, but also who you got behind that role.

Federica summarizes the organizational culture and its impact in a sentence: “I think that the most rewarding thing for me in SCM is the possibility to be myself”. She continues: “Me with my weakness and strengthen point. The fact of being a woman, an engineer woman, here in SCM is enhanced and not something to adjust. It is the place where I spend most of my time during the week, and for me, this must be a place where I’m not afraid to go wrong since I can be corrected and encouraged to do my best.”

Behind the Scenes: Challenges and Support

In September 2023, Federica was challenged to attend ATMOsphere in Bruxelles presenting a refrigeration case study on which she has worked. “This was a big challenge for me, and it was the task I was most proud of from my experience in SCM. It was a great accomplishment since I had the opportunity to present our work and to interface with other people in the refrigeration industry. I could be the SCM spokesperson, and it was a pleasure for me and an opportunity to overcome my fear”.

However, Federica and her team’s prior work culminated in this moment. “The Sales department gave me the possibility to have a detailed knowledge of SCM portfolio and the challenge was to learn how to find the customized solution to meet as much as possible customer needs”.

Many employees refer to problem-solving as an essential skill that is practised in the day-to-day operations of the company. Federica, for example, “started gaining this skill at university but in SCM Frigo, I could strengthen it. I also discovered that in each task I have to complete, though tiring, there is the possibility to learn something new and this is a chance for me to increase my knowledge of refrigeration systems and become a CO2 specialist”.


Focus on People and Education

Catalina shares the same opinion, reinforcing leadership, the care of people, and education. “Your growth is guaranteed if you have someone who leads you and guides you in the right direction from the beginning. When people approach their work with a positive outlook, they can inspire you and others to do the same; SCM Frigo has a lot of exemplary work figures, active listeners, and great leaders”.

What I think makes the difference is also the feedback meeting when our director takes the time to ask how things are going, what are the objectives we aim to achieve, what expectations we have, and then he explains his point-of-view and his expectations about us.

How the care of people is seen? “In so many ways”, starts Catalina. “First, by creating a clean and healthy working environment. For example, It provided support for families during the pandemic and the period of gas price increases. Then, SCM Frigo is open to allow days of leave or closures on the days when schools start to allow the parents to accompany their children to school. Through a welfare platform, you have the possibility of having economic advantages for medical services. The canteen service is always guaranteed, and the fee is paid almost entirely by the company”.

Whilst this is an intrinsic value in the company in general, it is even more embedded in its leaders.

There are multiple ways in which the leadership can be expressed. On one hand, one of the most important aspects for SCM Frigo is its employee’s well-being as already mentioned; if someone needs help regarding his family or other needs, the company and the colleagues are always eager to help. On the other hand, sustainability is our goal and SCM does its best to pursue this objective. The long-term benefit is emphasized; the business idea is associated with a more sustainable future, and this is reflected by our newest green technologies, which are linked to the impact on the planet.

There is also the care of the community, a value that Catalina reinforces. Besides being environmentally friendly, “another example of how the company contributed to a social cause was a year ago, through a tangible gesture of concrete solidarity with the citizens who were severely affected by the flooding in an Italian region (Emilia Romagna). Although it was small in financial aid, compared to the extent of the damage, it was significant for the community”.

Education and training are essential for the challenges and processes within the company. Catalina has been given “the opportunity to participate in courses related to purchasing strategies and courses regarding negotiation. I appreciate this opportunity because it reflects trust”.


Personal and Professional Growth: Catalina and Federica’s Journey

“SCM Frigo’s culture is a nurturing culture because the aim is its employees’ professional development and growth”, starts Catalina.

This is also clear to Federica. With her mind on the first challenges in the Sales department, Federica is sure that, now, she is in the right position. “It allows me to go deeply into the technical products, thus maintaining the relationship with the customer, which is a source of motivation where problem-solving is the key skill required”.

I started in SCM as a quotation specialist with the responsibility to support the customer in such a way as to give him the solution that best complies with his needs. As an R&D member, I’m now responsible for special projects and to give my contribution to developing tools to improve and optimize the work of my colleague in the sales department. I also follow the development of the project for special units ordered by the customer and give my support for the new range and products SCM is investing in.

Catalina highlights how “everybody is always encouraged to speak up”.

We all feel free to share our ideas. Initiatives, in this regard, are always perceived positively. In general, any debate or exchange of views is constructive and never destructive. As I said, communication is the key to better team collaboration and cooperation. Our opinion does matter, and we are open to debates and constructive criticism. The last time I shared my ideas through my perspective, they were accepted and partly shared, I would say. Fortunately, we all have our ways of thinking. SCM Frigo’s values and culture have contributed to improving my skills and pushing me towards my goals.

Catalina also pointed out the Beijer Ref Academy’s presence, “which offers both theoretical and practical training regarding CO2 refrigeration systems and environmental impact related to them”.

Federica remembers a moment when she felt the trust of the company. “Ever since I joined the R&D department, a challenging situation for me was the task to make a training on CO2 to some customers and installers. It was a challenge for me to face with the installer, to share with them part of SCM knowledge on CO2, and to be able to answer their questions. Despite the initial fear of being able to do this, it was a success, and I’m grateful to SCM for trusting me and giving me this important task”.

Think about the present to set the future

The conversation with Catalina was more about the present of the company and her collaboration now. As for the future, the doors remained open. Nonetheless, Federica shared that her main goal “is to learn as much as possible about the refrigeration world to become a CO2 specialist. I’d like to become a reference point for giving my support and knowledge to the company”.


As we come to the end, let’s take a moment to appreciate Catalina and Federica’s stories. Every day, they have strived to make a difference. Their dedication and commitment have left us feeling proud and grateful.

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