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What makes a company more than just a place to work? Its relationships. We understand that every business is ultimately about people – from leaders and colleagues to clients and partners – and that’s why SCM Frigo prioritizes the care of people above everything else.

We have always emphasized listening to and learning from our employees. The ones who bring their creativity, knowledge, and dedication to the office, fabric, and warehouse every day. Likewise, we understand that they make us who we are, and that’s why their well-being is our top priority.

To give you a glimpse of the life of our team members, we have created a new section called “Care of People”. We’ll share stories of our employees – the paths they have taken, the challenges they have faced, and the successes they have celebrated.

We want it to be an honest look at what it truly means to be a part of SCM Frigo.

Meet Kevin, Valentina, and Maila

Three examples of youth, commitment, and will. These three stories, despite being from different departments, share common paths. All three were challenged at various points in their careers. Long story short: they proved to be more than capable because they were also involved in a culture of growth and support from SCM Frigo.

Kevin Fior is one of our Customer Service Engineers. Valentina Trolese, from the Front Office, joined our team in October 2022. Finally, Maila Toni started as a front-office assistant, however, she accepted the challenge in the Sales Department.

They make us who we are. We want you to know them, one story at a time.

Daily Life at SCM Frigo and Core Values

Kevin, Maila, and Valentina share a sense of belonging, pride, and unity. For example, something in Maila told her that SCM Frigo would be the right company for her to grow personally.

“I had a good impression about the company and a simple sensation already in the first days had become reality. I immediately felt part of a big family and I met people available to help me in my professional growth”.

Since the beginning, Valentina “was told that the front office position was a stepping stone for my career and so it turned out to be”. They feel daily that SCM Frigo is a company that invests in the personal and professional development of its workers, especially for young people, and always focuses on customer satisfaction. “We are a very united and dynamic team and I think that working here will give me great satisfaction that I am already partly having”, completes Valentina.

“From day one, I felt part of a well-prepared team that made me feel at good and encouraged me right away to give my best. I immediately realized that I was surrounded by helpful people and experts in the sector, ready to help and advise me in the best possible way”, remembers Kevin.

“The opportunity to develop natural refrigeration systems, to provide customer support, both on-site and remotely, and to continually acquire new skills convinced me that this was the perfect place to put my abilities into practice”, Kevin points out.

Kevin Fior - Care of People SCM Frigo

Behind the Scenes: Challenges and Support

Despite their doubts, they believed in what the company saw for them and, above all, in themselves. “I started my career at SCM as a front-office assistant, and after a few months, I was offered the position of back-office sales, despite some initial doubts I accepted and noticed that the company believed in me even more than I did. I could not make a better choice; I feel that in this office I am growing a lot both professionally and personally”, remembers Maila.

One year after being hired, Valentina went from managing company meetings to being offered the role of executive assistant. “This proposal made me realize how much SCM believes in me and how crucial it is for the company to ensure that its employees grow professionally but also personally”, Valentina points out.

“One of the tasks that made me most satisfied with my work was to organize the Directional Board for the first time in complete autonomy and, consequently, to see that all the effort I put into organizing it made the visit a success. Furthermore, the recognition I received from both the participants and the company’s top management was highly satisfying”.

For Kevin, the relaxed environment and the positive climate are crucial for excellent work. “The tasks assigned are a continuous incentive to improve, aim to guarantee the quality and efficiency of our products, and above all customer satisfaction. I owe SCM the fact that it offered me a relaxed environment with a positive climate, which developed precision and proactivity in me at work”, explains.

“As a Customer Service Engineer, every day is an opportunity to broaden my range of knowledge to apply to support customers both remotely and on site. From a technical point of view, in just one year I was able to make giant strides, putting into practice all my knowledge on refrigeration and thermodynamics, as well as solid electrical knowledge; all this thanks to the presence of the Bejier Ref Academy and the production line, a stone’s throw from my desk. SCM also makes itself available for improvement in foreign languages, given current international collaborations”, finishes Kevin.

Valentina Trolese - Care of People SCM Frigo

Focus on SCM Frigo’s People

Valentina and Maila, together and respectively, thank SCM Frigo for “these wonderful opportunities it is giving me to achieve my goals and grow as a person”. “SCM gave me the opportunity to acquire new skills, put myself out there all the time, and all this in a work environment that makes you constantly feel at home”.

To the feeling of being at home, Kevin adds being part of a bigger picture. “Being part of a bigger picture, producing an excellent product, achieving important results, and helping our customers. All this makes me proud to be part of SCM Frigo”.

Maila Toni - Care of People SCM Frigo

As we come to the end, let’s take a moment to appreciate Kevin, Valentina, and Maila’s stories. Every day, they take every opportunity to contribute to this universe that goes beyond them, but in which they feel so involved. It’s inspiring to put their stories side by side.

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