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What makes a company more than just a place to work? Its relationships. We understand that every business is ultimately about people – from leaders and colleagues to clients and partners – and that’s why SCM Frigo prioritizes the care of people above everything else.

We have always emphasized listening to and learning from our employees. The ones who bring their creativity, knowledge, and dedication to the office, fabric, and warehouse every day. Likewise, we understand that they make us who we are, and that’s why their well-being is our top priority.

To give you a glimpse of the life of our team members, we have created a new section called “Care of People”. We’ll share stories of our employees – the paths they have taken, the challenges they have faced, and the successes they have celebrated.

We want it to be an honest look at what it truly means to be a part of SCM Frigo.


Meet Michele and Nuno

Michele joined SCM Frigo in 1984 in the Production Department to replace another worker who was leaving to join the military services. 40 years later, he is one of our team’s most experienced and inspiring members.

More recently, Nuno Pereira joined our After Sales department as a Service Engineer. Acquiring new skills, engaging in challenging projects focused on natural refrigerant systems, and the opportunity to provide on-site start-up assistance were the main motivators for him to be part of SCM Frigo’s team.

They make us who we are. We want you to know them, one story at a time.


Core Values: Trust, flexibility, and high technical

Trust is a word that Michele repeats sentence after sentence. “SCM Frigo trusted in me and that I could do it”, reinforces. “The support I have always had from this company. It was important for me to reach results. It has always been, during the years, mutual trust”.

Passion, curiosity, working towards goals, determination, and getting involved. These are the values that Michele emphasizes in his story at SCM Frigo.

Even though he has been with the company for less time, Nuno is aware of the values that have at least made him see SCM Frigo as his next home. “The core of SCM Frigo lies in its commitment to adaptability in production processes, a dedicated focus on high technical solutions, and a customer-centric approach”. For him, these elements are crucial in setting a strong presence in the industry.


Daily Life at SCM Frigo: Keep curiosity and the team close by

For Michele, curiosity and teamwork have been crucial since the first day. It’s important to “ask now to understand, keep yourself informed”. Not answering a question because he doesn’t know is not an option for Michele. “Have people around you that help you in every situation. This helps you to make choices, to solve problems, to achieve goals. Teamwork is the key”.

A perhaps different view, however, one that deserves to be shared. Nuno tells us how he was welcomed at SCM Frigo and his first days at the company. “The support I received while transitioning from Denmark made the reception heart-warming and deeply satisfying. What made it even better was the relaxed and positive atmosphere set by my colleagues, with some of them cheerfully saying “one of us”. Moving to a new country is always a challenge with language barriers and diverse cultures, but in Italy, my gut feeling was positive”.


Michele and Nuno SCM Frigo

Behind the Scenes: Challenges and Support

There is one thing that has remained the same for 40 years: the desire to take on new challenges. “The first challenge was to move from working in a blue collars team to manage that team”, remembers Michele. “This challenge allowed me to see new facts, to have training on specific topics that made me grow and more open-minded on different aspects”.

Besides this moment, Michele can’t help remembering a particular story. “During my experience in after service role, I went working on site in Greece and electric skills were not up to me. I went with a young colleague, and, in that situation, I had to do the setting, electrical and mechanical assembly, and the test. So, I went out of my comfort zone to do something I had never done before”.

The message is clear: “if you want to achieve this goal, even if it is not up to you, but you trust you can do it, just do your best. And, of course, you can do it!”

Nuno has extensive experience, and, during that path, he sought “challenges that allowed me to make significant contributions to product optimization and ensure the delivery of higher quality. It wasn’t just about the technical aspects; it was also about the valuable experiences and friendships forged along the way, shaping the person I am today”.


Personal and Professional Growth

Since his first day at SCM Frigo, in 1984, Michele has been an example of growth, leading the production team with wisdom and a sense of collaboration and teamwork. “After about 7\8 years I started to deal with the installation and maintenance of refrigeration machines, initially in Italy and then also in Europe”.

10 years later, and with the company growing, Michele was already managing the production team. “Today I am still managing the blue collars production team that is now by 140–160 employees, I also work together with the technical department on improving quality and solving problems”.

Michele recognizes that he has grown with the company, following in its footsteps. “There is always something new, something to learn, to discuss with others, for new opportunities”. He doesn’t close the door to other challenges if the company sees fit. However, he is sure and proud of his path and career.

In his previous roles, for over a decade, Nuno navigated through various aspects of refrigeration and heat pump systems. He started as an electrician and gradually immersed himself in components, pre-assembly, electrical assembly, leak and pressure testing, electrical testing, commissioning, site installation, and eventually team management.

“At SCM Frigo, I discovered a company that goes beyond the norm. Here, I found a place that not only values customer satisfaction but also places a strong emphasis on technical excellence. This aligns perfectly with my professional aspirations, making my journey here more than just a career move”, says Nuno.

Looking to his potential growth in SCM Frigo, Nuno wants to establish himself “in a well-built service department, fostering rapid learning, and gaining full autonomy. I aim to contribute significantly to the company’s success and cultivate enduring relationships, thereby creating exciting opportunities for on-site and customer support”.


Think about the present to set the future

Michele wants to be remembered by three values: passion for your job, setting goals to reach, determination, and desire to get involved. “I hope to have transferred these to others. Even if I am in the last years of my career, I never sit still, I go ahead. So, if new challenges open, I am sure I will take them, always with SCM Frigo’s trust and support.”

Nuno doesn’t hesitate to share that he wants to make “a meaningful impact at SCM Frigo by applying my skills, closely collaborating with technical departments, and providing training that enhances overall team performance”.


As we come to the end, let’s take a moment to appreciate Michele and Nuno’s stories. Every day, they have strived to make a difference. Michele in his 40 years of experience within the same company; and Nuno in his different challenges and teams he crossed. It’s inspiring to put their stories side by side.

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