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CO2 Refrigeration Systems: Frequently Asked Questions

SCM Frigo is aware of the number of questions that arise when delving into CO2 Refrigeration Systems. To help, we’ve compiled a comprehensive FAQ page on our website. This blog post serves as a gateway to these FAQs, focusing specifically on the key aspects of refrigerant, oil, and maintenance within these systems.

The Refrigerant

CO2 refrigeration technology is a crucial response to the global call for environmentally friendly cooling solutions. The use of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant marks a significant shift in the industry. It offers a greener alternative to traditional refrigerants. You can follow the relationship between refrigeration systems and climate change with our blog post. About demystifying the complexities surrounding these systems, we suggest exploring our blog post, where we explore the science behind transcritical CO2 refrigeration and its practical benefits.

While CO2 presents unique challenges in terms of system design and operation, its environmental benefits and efficiency potential make it a compelling choice for modern refrigeration needs. Explore some of the most important frequently asked questions about this refrigerant.

The use of oil

The effective functioning of CO2 Refrigeration Systems hinges significantly on the use of oil. Its role includes lubrication of moving parts, sealing, cooling, and noise reduction. The right oil is essential due to the unique properties of CO2, such as high working pressures and solubility. There are three main characteristics we highlight related to oils used in these systems: compatibility, viscosity, and chemical stability. In conclusion, the selection and management of oil is crucial for their optimal performance and longevity. Explore some of the most important frequently asked questions about procedures related to oil.

Maintenance of CO2 Refrigeration Systems

Maintenance plays a pivotal role in the performance, reliability, and longevity of CO2 Refrigeration Systems. In this sense, there are several important actions and principles to be aware of when related to the maintenance of these systems. For example, regular inspections, leak detection tools, regular leak tests, oil analysis and changes, and cleaning, among others. Explore some of the most important frequently asked questions about maintenance.


SCM Frigo is committed to providing resources to assist businesses and CO2 professionals in making the most of this sustainable and efficient refrigeration technology. A good way to get started is through our training sessions, where you will learn how to operate CO2 Refrigeration Systems in different configurations. Find out our typical training program.

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