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CO2 Refrigeration Training: The advantages

What if you could learn more about refrigeration systems in just two days? As the industry evolves, so must your skills. Through Beijer Ref Academy, we offer CO2 refrigeration training programs that challenge technicians and installers to become specialists in one of the most innovative fields in refrigeration. 

This article explores the skills professionals can develop through these programs.

Advantages of SCM Frigo’s CO2 Refrigeration Training Programs

SCM Frigo’s training programs will allow technicians and installers to learn how to operate CO2 refrigeration systems in different configurations. Here are some of the main advantages of these programs.

1. Advanced Technical Knowledge

CO2 refrigeration systems are complex and require a detailed understanding of their components and operations. That’s why, in our CO2 Refrigeration Training Programs we explore:

  • Properties and Safety Issues of CO2

Why is this fundamental? CO2 is known for its excellent thermodynamic properties and high efficiency with low global warming potential. However, you need specialized knowledge to handle it safely and effectively due to its high pressure and unique characteristics.

Participants learn best practices for handling, storage, and maintenance, ensuring they can operate CO2 Refrigeration Systems without compromising safety.

Moreover, the training programs cover how CO2 behaves at various temperatures and pressures. This helps technicians anticipate and mitigate potential risks. 

  • Transcritical Cycle and Component Descriptions

SCM Frigo’s training programs explore in detail the CO2 transcritical cycle, explaining its stages and the thermodynamic principles. This subject is crucial for optimizing efficiency and performance.

What will you learn? The key components involved in the transcritical cycle. Such as compressors, gas coolers, and expansion devices, among others. The training covers how these components interact within the cycle. The goal is to help technicians handle the troubleshooting and maintain systems more effectively.

Additionally, the courses highlight the latest innovations and technologies in CO2 refrigeration. Topics such as parallel compression and ejector technology are explored. 

  • Application in Warmer Climates

It’s no secret that applying CO2 refrigeration systems in warmer climates has unique challenges. You need specialized knowledge and techniques. There’s no doubt. SCM Frigo’s training programs address these challenges. How? By teaching advanced methods to ensure optimal system performance in high-temperature environments. 

One key technique covered is the use of adiabatic gas coolers. The training also explores parallel compression and mechanical subcooling. Both help maintain efficiency and reliability when temperatures rise.

Additionally, the programs include the latest developments in vapor ejector technology. Vapor ejectors can significantly improve system performance and energy efficiency in warmer climates. They are essential to manage the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant.

CO2 Refrigeration Training

2. Practical and Useful Skills

When there’s theory, practice is, more than ever, needed. SCM Frigo’s training programs offer practical opportunities to apply what technicians and installers learned.

  • Refrigeration Circuit and Main Components

When it’s time to operate the system and follow the troubleshooting guide, you’ll think about all the refrigeration circuits and their main components’ lessons. This subject is crucial for any technician working with CO2 systems. 

More, you’ll see and hear what is the role of each component. You’ll be given the chance to identify them so that, in the future, you can address issues quickly and efficiently.

So, our practical sessions allow participants to see these components in action within real-world systems. We have actual CO2 refrigeration units in the room. This is important for technicians to experience the main components. All the theory will now be easier to apply in everyday professional scenarios.

  • Electrical Components and Inverters

SCM Frigo’s training programs cover the main electrical components, including PID controllers, inverters, electrical cabinets, and safety devices. We go more in-depth with the troubleshooting necessities. Now, you have the tools to test the electrical aspects of CO2 Refrigeration Systems.

Once again, participants will have hands-on training with real units. This will bring more confidence and competence.

  • Valves and Compressors

Valves and compressors are so important that we explore in detail their functions and operations of HPV (High-Pressure Valves) and MPV (Medium Pressure Valves). They exist to regulate the flow and pressure of CO2. This knowledge is essential for maintaining system stability and efficiency.

Participants will have practical exercises with real CO2 systems and test the valves and compressors. They learn how to diagnose issues, perform maintenance, and implement solutions. 

  • CO2 and Oil Management

It’s mandatory to use the correct type and quality of oil in CO2 systems. So, that’s another subject we highlight in our training programs. We want you to understand the interaction between CO2 and oil. In specific, what are the best practices for oil selection, handling, and maintenance.

It doesn’t finish here. Participants also learn about the procedures for charging CO2 and managing oil levels. In the future, you and your Clients will thank because you were able to prevent oil foaming and ensure the smooth operation of compressors.

CO2 Refrigeration Training

3. Certification and Professional Recognition

SCM Frigo’s certification is widely recognized in the industry, which can open doors to new opportunities.

  • More and better opportunities

A certificate is always important and valid. Our certification ensures that participants have mastered both theoretical and practical aspects of CO2 refrigeration systems.

It validates their ability to operate, maintain, and troubleshoot complex systems with quality and precision. 

Additionally, certified professionals benefit from joining a network of industry experts and peers. Our relationship with everyone involved in the training doesn’t end within the 2-day program. We offer resources and opportunities for continuous learning.

  • Networking Opportunities

During SCM Frigo’s training programs, you can meet other professionals in the CO2 refrigeration industry. These connections are essential for staying informed about industry trends and best practices.

We always try to give space to participants to share experiences, challenges, and solutions. Our goal is to enrich everyone’s experiences. We truly believe in a collaborative environment.


Investing in CO2 refrigeration systems training is essential. SCM Frigo’s programs offer the perfect blend of theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and professional recognition. Ready to take your knowledge to the next level? Find out more about our program for 2024.

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