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From commitment to action: how SCM Frigo contributes to sustainability

Now more than ever, companies have a key role to play in building a more sustainable world. At SCM Frigo, we see sustainability across our value chain. We are familiar with the history of the refrigeration sector and the proposed environmental challenges it faces. That is why we are continuously looking for environmentally friendly solutions at every stage of the process. In this article, we show you a recent example of how we commit to sustainability every day. And, of course, we share the next challenge that we are already working on.


We are always following and monitoring our supply chain. In this process, we identified a challenge: how to eliminate the packaging of the largest components used in our products? We used cardboard as a solution, which increased the need for recycling. For this reason, we have designed a specialized transport trolley fully adapted for the safe transportation of components. In the end, it’s no longer necessary cardboard or wood.

Special Containers CO2 Refrigeration System

This example impacts the SCM Frigo production process while saving resources and contributing to a more efficient supply chain. Thus, we not only imprint sustainability in our final product. It is also, and above all, in the way we set up our production line.

Special Containers CO2 Refrigeration System


But we are already looking further ahead. What’s next for a more sustainable future? Together with SCM’s shareholder, Beijer-Ref, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing the carbon footprint across the entire value chain. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has endorsed this goal. It is a clear commitment to “the transition of our HVAC&R industry to the new generation of refrigerants”, as Beijer-Ref presented it on LinkedIn.

The refrigeration sector is changing, and challenges are in sight. Follow us on our website, where we share some of the challenges and solutions created by SCM Frigo. Start by discovering and reading more about the importance of CO2 as a refrigerant.

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