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Health and unity in the workplace: SCM Frigo’s strategy

At SCM Frigo, we believe that nurturing health and unity in the workplace is as important as their skills and competencies. This is reflected in our canteen – a place that shows how we dedicate to healthy living and united teams. Our canteen has a crucial role in our corporate culture, involved in the CO2 Refrigeration industry, and we’ll show how. First, we maintain a collaboration with a food service provider to ensure healthy meals and adjust to each employee’s needs. Second, the canteen is the place where everyone from SCM Frigo – from the factory to the offices – meets. This practice strengthens our company culture and the relationships created.

Commitment to Healthy Eating

Our collaboration with the food service provider is grounded in our shared dedication to promoting healthy eating habits. Forcellini Ristorazione has been in the kitchen management sector for 30 years. They share very important values with us, namely dedication, quality, and care.

Each dish is thoughtfully curated, balancing taste with nutritional value. For example, recipes and a calorie intake plan are developed for each plate. When creating the menu, special attention is always paid to variety and fresh, seasonal products. Another significant highlight is the fact that our canteen, with the help of Forcellini Ristorazione, is capable of offering specific diets, such as vegan, gluten-free or food allergies. Therefore, SCM Frigo ensures that every employee has access to meals that are safe and healthy.

Every day, the menu includes a fresh dessert from Giotto, an artisan pastry from Padua, maintaining the respect for seasonality and fresh produce. In addition, there is something unique about this project. In 2005, they brought the workshop to Due Palazzi prison in Padua to work alongside the inmates. Until now, the pastry has collaborated with more than 200 inmates.

Two companies with unique value propositions that we appreciate within SCM Frigo. In the end, they hold the same principles, share a vision and presence open to the community, and support us in ensuring that every aspect of our workplace contributes positively to the health and happiness of our teams.

SCM Frigo's Canteen

The canteen as a crossing point

It is possibly the most popular space among SCM Frigo, as it’s a common passage and meeting point for all the teams. Here, we find everyday employees from all departments sharing tables, ideas, and stories. We believe that this environment fosters a unique sense of unity and belonging. In the end, the canteen mirrors our culture as a company. It’s where collaboration is nurtured and where every member of our SCM Frigo family feels connected.


Throughout the story of our canteen and the importance of promoting health and unity in the workplace, it’s clear that it represents much more than a mere dining area. It is a symbol of our dedication to the care of people and our belief that a company thrives also through the strength and happiness of its people. Visit our website to learn more about SCM Frigo’s history and values.

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