40 TH ANNIVERSARY 1979 - 2019

For Booster Unit

Refilling oil reservoir:
How does the oil charging procedure take place?

The filling operation can be done with the unit in operation.

  1. Close ball valve 92a on the oil separator.
  2. Close ball valve 92f (oil delivery to compressors).
  3. Vent gas using service valve 92d and connection (1/4” flare male connection) to connect a discharge pipe.
  4. Close valve 92c before pressure differential valve. 
  5. Connect a line from the oil can to the connection of valve 92e and use a vacuum being drawn from connection on valve 92d.
    Oil will be pulled into the oil reservoir.
  6. When all the oil is in the system (check sign glass on the oil reservoir) shut valve 92e and continue to pull the system into deep vacuum from valve 92d only.
  7. When the vacuum is achieved charge vapour through valve 92d up to 10 bar.
  8. Open all the valves in the following sequences: 92f, 92c, 92a.