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How does the oil separator filter replacement procedure take place?

Removal and replacement of coalescent oil separator filter:

NOTE: If the unit is equipped with bypass on the oil separator, there is no need to stop the compressor to change the filter core.

How does the oil separator filter replacement procedure take place?


  1. Set inverter compressor max frequency to 50 Hz.
  2. Open valve 96C.
  3. Close valves 96A, 96B & 92A.
  4. Pump down pack as per Pump Down Procedure.
  5. Remove the cup from the top of valve 109.
  6. Connect on ¼ flare connection a suitable pipe and vent pressure from inside the oil separator by opening the valve (ensure pressure is vented to a well ventilated area).
    Vent pressure from oil separator into a suitable oil container to stop oil contamination to the environment.
  7. Once pressure has equalised with atmosphere verify by attaching a suitably rated gauge manifold and setting discharge service valve open ½ way.
  8. Remove separator top plate and replace filter and O-ring/gasket as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  9. Replace separator top plate as per manufacturer’s instruction ensuring the correct torque is applied to all fixings.
  10. Evacuate the separator and compressor 1 to 0.5 torr by attaching a vacuum pump to the HP service port on compressor 1.
  11. Once 0.5 torr is achieved, isolate the vacuum pump and break vacuum with vapour CO2 up to 10 bar.
  12. After this is completed ensure pressure reading > 5barg.
  13. If reading lower repeat vacuum break procedure.
  14. Open oil shut off valve 92A.
  15. Open valves 96B & 96D.
  16. Close valve 96C