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CO2 Transcritical Racks Commercial

According to SCM Natural Choice, we have developed a range of CO2 transcritical racks with a very low carbon footprint and lower energy consumption than the traditional HFC solutions.




Cooling Capacity:
MT Cooling Capacity @ -8°C (50 Hz) | Tout. GC = 35° | LT Cooling Capacity @ -30°C (50 Hz)

Design is compact and units are easy to install and maintain.
Units are equipped with electrical panel, tested and factory programmed for an easy start-up.


Cooling Capacity:
MT 15-100 kW | LT 03-20 kW

The lean line is a range of CO2 units in configuration as mt only or in booster MT/LT featuring the following:
• Easy access to components only from one side (possibility to install the unit against a wall);
• Available in indoor or «plug’n cool» version.


Cooling Capacity:
MT 75-350 kW | LT 15-75 kW

The smkt line is a range of CO2 units in configuration as mt only or booster MT/LT.
The high customization possibility and the optimization on the configuration and layout, make this range of unit the best option for medium large size supermarket.

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Our Strenghts

Flexible in the production
Fast delivery times due to very good sub suppliers chain.
Huge knowledge
Huge knowledge of different compressors brand and Controller type in Transcritical plants.
Constant commitment in finding new solutions
Constant commitment in finding new solutions to improve efficiency and simplify our systems, using our Beijer Ref Academy
co2 refrigeration systems


There are several national and international programs that regulate refrigerants, one of those being the European F-gas regulation.
The F-gas rule significantly reduces the amount of fluorocarbons that are sold in the European Union by dramatically phasing them down.


Successful installations in APAC countries

A gallery of successful CO2 installations in APAC countries. Thank you Beijer Ref Australia.

A successful industrial installation in China

 A successful industrial installation in China

A successful industrial installation in Nederland

 A successful industrial installation in Nederland

Transcritical Flooded Chiller

Transcritical Flooded Chiller in Nederland

Congrats to ECR Netherland and Verbrugge Koeltechniek for the installation of their first Transcritical Flooded Chiller.

Transcritical CO2 Booster Rack

Transcritical CO2 Booster Rack in South Africa

Another SCM Frigo unit running in South Africa.

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